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ontemporary Clock Case & Cabinet Designer/Maker, based in the Chilterns (Chesham), making varied wooden table and wall clocks, as well as smaller cabinet work, a job which I love.

Some of my materials are locally sourced - some from the National Trust (Ashridge & Hughenden Manor, about 15 miles from my workshop) - these are air dried by myself. Some other materials are from further afield. The description against each item shows where the timber was sourced from.

My influences include Mackintosh, the Bauhaus movement and the Arts & Crafts Movement which, seemingly worlds apart, have in some way connections with each other.

Each clock case is hand made by myself alone, using hand tools and cabinet making techniques e.g. using hand saws and hand planes, the cases are therefore not mass produced. Sometimes, internally I intentionally leave tool marks on the rear to emphases the hand made nature.

Either battery or mechanical movements are used, depending on taste and budget. Some clocks have hands which are hand made by myself, cut by hand using clock maker techniques, from solid brass.

Prices range from £10s, through £100s to £1000s depending on complexity of clock.

I am 39 years old, happily married with a young son and daughter. I have a professional and business like approach to work. This is my full time job.

Clocks as Gifts >>

As my clocks are hand made in limited numbers, they can make great presents for Weddings, Birthday, Anniversaries, Leaving Presents etc. read more...

Projects >>

New Website >>
I have recently been working on a new website, which you are now viewing. read more...

New Material - Brass & Copper >>
In the coming months I will be experimenting with clocks made with brass and/or copper bodies, following Bauhaus inspired designs, and my Valentines Day Clocks. read more...

New Clock Designs >>
I am continuing to design new clocks which will appear on this site, twitter etc. when ready. Read more for diary entries. read more...

Charity Donations for 2013 >>
I am planning to raise money for Cancer/Mental Health charities this year through the sale of some of my clocks - am looking for interested buyers and for an interested gallery - galleries please do let me know if you are interested. read more...

What is Time? >>
A new project exploring the meaning of time through clocks - looking for Gallery representation at the moment read more...

Bauhaus Watercolours
I am interested in the theories behind the Bauhaus movement and am considering working on some watercolour only studies based on their form and colour theories.

Arts & Crafts Influenced Clocks >>

Clocks of my own design, influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement, mainly taken from furniture of the movement. I can also do reproductions too where I have the skills time and space.

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Figured Wood Clocks >>

Figured Wood allows for more diverse range of designs, using the often unique figuring (stripes etc. in the wood) as part of the design. Various designs to cater for various budgets and tastes.

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Art Deco Inspired >>

I am currently designing a set of clocks inspired by the Art Deco movement - some are shown here, more are to appear in due course.

This is a new section and in the process of being completed, more complex clocks to appear in due course

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Bauhaus Etc. Inspired Clocks >>

Inspired by the geometric shapes used in the Bauhaus movement, using shape as well as lines on shapes to produce table standing and wall mounted clocks in various timbers. Various designs to cater for various budgets and tastes.

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Vase & Bottle Shaped >>

Clocks inspired by shapes of Vases and Bottles. Some have decoration - for example inlayed wood - and some are plain.

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Wall Hangings etc. >>

Using the techniques used for clock case making, I also make various wooden wall hangings, which are shown below. The sizes are not fixed to the ones outlined below, if you are looking for alternatives, then please do let me know.

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Clocks to Commission >>

If you are looking for alternative clocks / configurations, or clocks made to your designs, assuming I have the skills, space/availability and materials I can do commissions, please do contact me on

Family Connections >>

My g.g.g. Uncle was William Hair Haseler (Birmingham silversmith) who amongst other things made Archibald Knox designed items for Liberties of London, including some of the silver / enamelled clocks which can go for high prices. Read more...

National Trust >>

I am happy to sell some of my clocks through the National Trust, at the Ashridge Visitor Centre, clocks made from timber bought from the Ashridge Estate. I am also happy to buy timber from Ashridge to make cabinet items - English Oak/Ash/Chestnut etc., locally sourced and locally made by hand.

Tools & Techniques >>

I pride myself in using mainly hand tools & cabinet making techniques to make my clocks, I'm not a factory with machines producing the clocks - just my hands & tools.

Tools Click here to see some of the planes, saws etc. that I use.

Techniques Click here for Techniques used.

Materials >>

I pride myself in using mainly natural materials to make my clocks - real wood such as oak, cherry etc. from real trees. Click here for more info.

Myself with son, Christmas 2011, more...